Наттувангам- новый курс (11 Янв 2014)

C 12  января 2014 года  в школе искусcтв  «Лакшми Самарпана» открывается новый курс «Наттувангам»-  искусство ритма в Южно- Индийском классическом танце и музыке, применимо к Кучипуди и Бхаратанатьяму.

talam natuvangam.


  • Mohana Kumari Rajendran

    I would like to Learn Nattuvangam as i am willing to take class in Bharathanatyam..

    what is the procedure for joining the class

    • admin

      Dear Mohana! please give me your email id, i will forward you all the details.
      best wishes

  • Devi

    Namaste. I want to learn Nattuvangam for Kuchipudi. I live in USA california. DO you teach online? What are the charges?

    • admin

      Dear Devi and others I have been travelling allot lately in different countries. Only now landed at one spot, so will take one week to settle everything and will reply you all. with best wishes Lenalaxmi

      • admin

        Namaste to everyone who is interested of learning nattuvangam or Kuchipudi! Yes i do provide online skype classes for both!
        please write to me on my email id lenalaxmi@gmail.com with request and with all your questions, and i will reply directly on your mails.
        best wishes to everyone

  • Prathima

    Namaskaram, I am interested in learning Nattuvangam for Kuchipudi. I live in North Carolina USA. Please let me know, if you offer online lessons and the fee detals.

    • admin

      Yes i do offer such course online through skype, please give me your email id i will forward u all the details about it. best wishes Lenalaxmi

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