видео уроки в Интернете, новые группы в Киеве и Белой Церкви (7 Апр 2015)

Записывайтесь прямо сейчас !

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  • Santhoshini Yadav Boeni

    My name is Santhoshini I am from Telangana state. I have learnt kuchipudi from age of 7 under the guidance of Parameshwar sir one of the disciples of Vempati Chinna Sathyam garu. I learnt continuously till 2nd half jathis and started the pushpanjali song from then i was on and off the practices i would like to continue practices and learn going forward as this is my one of my biggest dream to become a Dancer in Kuchipudi. Please help me how can i full-fill my desire towards dance, I would like to know the procedure for online classes and more..


    • admin

      Dear Santhoshini!
      Yes, I do teach online, and surely i can help you to learn Kuchipudi and fulfill your dream.
      I will email you on Monday all the details about classes through skype!
      regards and best wishes

  • Raji

    Could You please let me know how much you charge for online skype classes? Kid already learing kuchipudi ..

    Thank you

    • admin

      Dear Raji,

      i was travelling for last two month only now i am back to Kiev, and saw your message, please give me your email id, i will forward to you all the details about course itself and fees.
      regards and best wishes

  • Ilariya

    How much lessons cost?

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