II International Folklore Festival of Masalli (29 Aug 2013)

By the invitation of the  Ministry of the culture of Azerbaijan, June 11, Russian-Ukrainian delegation of sahaja yogis of the Qawwali group Kailash” and Lenalaxmi  the head of the Studio of Indian dance “Laxmi samarpana” arrived in the Azerbaijan town of Masalli, where the next day started II international folklore festival.

DSC_0182.JPGOn the Sunny morning festival was opened by the parade of countries, participating in the festival, each of them representatives themselves to  embassies of different countries, persons from the Ministry of culture of Azerbaijan, the district administration, local residents and the audience of TV channels their dance and music.

DSC_0828.JPGOn 13 of June 1st program took place on the occasion of the opening of the II International folklore festival . Their numbers presented 8 countries: “Halay” from Azerbaijan, “Children of the Caucasus” from Daghestan, “Ilori” from  Georgia, “TDA Ritenitis” of Latvia, “Aftud” from Turkey, “Kailash” from Russia, “Laxmi Samarpana ” from Ukraine and many others. Russia and Ukraine had performed as a single block, passing joy and harmony through the music-dance Sahaja culture. In our welcoming speech, we spoke about importance of arts as meant to establish the state balance, joy within hearts of all people and to unite different cultures. This program was broad-casted live on 4 channels in Azerbaijan and 2 channels in Turkey.

DSC_0622.jpg14 June  delegations from different countries presented their concert numbers in villages of the region. Programs were held outdoors in the nature, and the atmosphere was really special  and positive. It was great to see a huge number of children who sincerely expressed their internal state of happiness and joy.

15 June  the final gala concert took place. And again it was seen not only by the residents of Masalli region, but also all Azerbaijan, as this concert came on TV. At the end of the concert all groups and audience  shared joy  with each other, under  spark of fire works, waving the flags of different countries and enjoying the  music, many spontaneously started dancing. It was  felt a total unity in which each country representing the uniqueness of their culture,  for a minute  really united into one big family, united with  the love to dance and music…

see photos from festival



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