choreography for Zlata Ognevich (4 Feb 2017)

Music-video  “Za litom, za vesnoyu” (“After summer, after spring”) by  Zlata Ognevich  , under the direction of Yuri Morozov from “Morozov production” and choreography by Lenalaxmi Shatokhina

13652785_1073373769436608_1720631610_n2nd July 2016 a music-video shooting “Za litom, za vesnoyu” (“After summer, after spring”)  of our favorite singer Zlata Ognevich  took place  in Kiev, under direction by Yuri Morozov from “Morozov production”, to which I was asked to make a choreography using Indian classical, Bollywood and contemporary dance styles by  director Yuriy, and the desire of Zlata to feel India through dance, and not just only that, but to become a bride in the Indian wedding ceremony. Yuriy was very particular about each movement, and many of them have chosen and tried to do himself.\r\n\r\nI was happy to be back on set now in Ukraine,  as I miss shootings in India. Especially was glad to participate again in a music-video shooting, as dance and cinema are two of my favorite branches of the Arts, especially with Indian touch. Although I was struck by the fact, that it turns out, that working shift in Ukraine lasts for 10 hours, for example in India it is only 8 hours. So if to calculate there are 3 working shooting-shifts  in India which is paid accordingly, while in Ukraine only 2.

It so happened that shootings lasted for almost 36 hours non -stop, everyone was on the limit by the tiredness, especially was difficult for the director,  producer, for Zlata, the entire shooting crew team and me, since we all worked non-stop almost without rest. I guess it might be normal for Ukraine, it is hard to say, but for me it was a new experience- not to sleep days and to work continuously. I was impressed by the stamina of director Yuri and his team, so I also had to keep up with them, as all dancing-shots were on me, and with almost Bollywood like  scale music-video  shooting – it was  a lot of information to held in the head and execute. I was also surprised by Zlata`s curiosity, endless desire to learn and absorb exactly unusual movements of Indian dance, and in same time develop brilliantly own improvisations, she was bright and fast in peaking up the movements.  A lot of actors and dancers were involved in the shootings from different countries, most of them i saw only for the 1st on the set itself,  not counting of course casting. But with supporting dancers, who were taken from different dance filed, and Zlata herself  we were practicing for two weeks prior. The shooting took place on a green background, so that most of the work still is remaining in the post-production to create a new world for the audience. The entire clip is to get a bright, energetic and you can dance with us, following simple movements- that was the main idea by director Yuri Morozov and choreographer  Lenalaxmi, brightly executed by Zlata Ognevich.

Here is a news from Inter TV channel from  from the set itself:

Now you just wait for the release of the music-video  “Za litom, za vesnoyu” (“After summer, after spring”) and dance with us!

Author: Lenalaxmi Shatokhina





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