concert “Maha Nrityam” (11 May 2017)

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We invite all on June 9, 2017 at 18.45 to visit the concert
of the school of Indian classical arts “Laxmi Samarpana” –
“Maha Nrityam.”

The event is supported by the Embassy of India in Ukraine and is dedicated to celebrating the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Ukraine.

School of Indian classical arts “Laxmi Samarpana” at present is the only school in Ukraine, where Kuchipudi style of Indian classical dance are taught. The head of the school – Lenalaxmi – for 12 years was studying in India at the Academy of classical Indian dance and received a professional degree and diploma from Kuchipudi Art Academy. Her teachers were great masters of Kuchipudi Art – Vempati Chinna Sat’yam and Vempati Ravi Shankar.
The concert entitled “Maha Nrityam” which in Sanskrit means “Great Dance”. It includes not only the choreography and music and poetry, but prayer to God and acting.
Ancient Tradition says, that Indian classical dance has a divine origin. Shiva Nataraj (King of Dance) was the first who performed Tandava – cosmic dance, performing it in the universe, filling it with joy and happiness, setting the rhythm of the whole existence. It is believed that Kuchipudi style, was born in II century BC at the territory of Andhra Pradesh. It was presented in temples by Devadasi temple dancers. They were considered earthly wife of deities, and every day they did their dance to their God and during festivals to attenders of the temples. Later, there were nomadic theater group, who traveled from village to village, carrying ancient Vedic knowledge to the crowd, first of all having spiritual and educational purpose, and then only entertaining.

Kuchipudi technique uses rhythmic, dynamic, crisp and tight movement with straight lines, binding them with a soft, smooth, gracious and sculptural. This dance – theater reveals to the audience lots of mythical stories through the body language, stylistic-coded gestures of the hands and facial expressions.

But it is not possible to describe at fule scope, see and feel it better for yourself .
So immerse yourself in the magical world of ancient Indian dance along with us!

Invited guests performing with us:
• Kyiv choreographic college “Kyyanochka” (creative workshop Honored Worker of Ukraine Galina and Dmitri Kaigorodova)
• Folk art team, winner of the Grand Prix winner of international and national competitions, vocal and choreographic ensemble “seed” (artistic director – Raisa Zakletska – Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine)
• Folk Dance “Politehnik” “KPI” them. Igor Sikorsky (artistic director – Juliana Zakharov).

Venue: Embassy of India in Ukraine st. Maxim Berlinsoho, 20B, m. Kyiv.
free entrance


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