Lenalaxmi, the disciple of great master and guru Padma Bhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam and his son Vempati Ravi Shankar, has been taken vigorous training in Kuchipudi dance style under their close guidance in Kuchipudi Art Academy (Chennai) since January 1999 under the scholarship of Her Holiness Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (establisher of sahaja yoga).

There Lenalaxmi has been learning the refined technique of Kuchipudi dance practical aspect and it`s theory, Carnatic music, Sanskrit and Telugu.

Before that she had learnt Kangra and Rajastani miniature painting while staying in Daramshala at I.S.Y.P.School(1997); Hindustani vocal, Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi in P.K.Salve Academy of Fine Arts and Music, Nagpur, India (1998).

She also underwent course in nattuvangam and Carnatic vocal from Shri Bhagavathula Seetarama Sarma of `Kalapeetham` Chennai (2001-2004).

During all these years Lenalaxmi has been travelling along with Kuchipudi Art Academy`s dance troupe with solos and performed in various dance dramas over India and also in New Zealand (2004).

She performed `shivaashtakam` duet; did sakhi of Gangas and was one of the Nadis in `Ardanareshwara`; apsara in `Kiratarjuneeyam`; Kubja & Gopika in`Gopika Krishna`; bhaktalu, apsara, Shailapuitri, Chandragandha in `Nava durga`; nartaki in `Hara vilasam`, a court dancer and peackok in “Rukmini Kalyanam”; Hamfrin in ballet “Ramana maharshi”, ritulus and sakhi in `Anamaya` ballet and so on. `

master in class2 smShe has been participating in many dance festivals like Vishakha Utsav at Vaisak 2001 (India); Siddhendra Yogi Mahotsav at Kuchipudi village 2005, 2006; at Platinum Jubilee Birthday Celebration of Guru Vepmati Chinna Satyam , Hyderabat , India 2005; at 2nd International festival of Indian classical dance and music `Nrityaanjali 2006` Kiev, Ukraine; at Peru festival 2006 (India); at December dance festival at Chennai 2007 (India); at festival of Indian Classical dance in Viniza, Ukraine 2007; at Sri Swati Tirunal Jayanti Dance & music festival in Trivandrum also at Guruvayur festival in Kerala, India 2008. She also performed with solos at Sahaja Yoga festivals in India In Delhi 2000, 2002, 2004, in Chindwara 2007; in New Zealand 2004, 2006, Ukraine 2006, Russia and Australia 2007, Italy 2008. She also danced at 600th birthday celebration of Anamacharya at Talapakam , A.P., India 2008 etc.

She had her rangapravesham done on 13th of may 2006 at Kuchipudi Art Academy in Chennai, where she had been given the diploma and `Natya Visharada` award by her guru Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam. Since that time Lenalaxmi has been travelling a lot with solo programs and conduction work shops in India, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Aphasia, Italy.

One of the distinct programs was jugalbandi of Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi titled `Different dimensions in Indian classical dance through Russian eyes` at Russian cultural centre Chennai , India 2007, where Lena Laxmi performed along with Oxana Banshikova, Bharatanatyam dancer from Kazakhisthan, graduate of Kalakshetra with traditional and also own choreographed numbers by girls.

In May 2007 Lenalaxmi had graduated choreographic college in Kiev, Ukraine, as master of ballet & choreographer.

In April 2006, Lenalaxmi has opened School of Indian Classical Arts ` Laxmi Samarpana` in Kiev, where she is teaching Kuchipudi. There with her students she choreographed few solo & group items, choreographed and staged two musical-dance dramas: “Krishna musical”, “Devipurnama” based on Devimahatmyam story.

In 2008 in Delhi, she did a Kuchipudi solo recital on a festival of Indian Classical Dance by Foreign Artistes Resident in India, organized by ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relations), were she was well received.

At present she divides her time between Ukraine, Russia and India.Teaching in her Laxmi Samarpana School of Indian Classical dance.