School of Indian Classical Arts in Kiev, Ukraine

“Laxmi Samarpana”

Laxmi Samarpana

was founded in May 2006,

on the return of Lenalaxmi after a long dedicated training in India under great gurus of
Kuchipudi – Vempati Chinna Satyam and Vempati Ravi Shankar.

Currently, in the school at present are taught Kuchipudi– dance style as the main subject and optional Bharata-Natyam,  both Indian classical dance styles, originated in the South of ancient India as far back as the 2nd century BC.

In addition, there is a course of Nattuvangam-the basis of rhythm in South Indian music (Karnatak style). It is the art of singing and simultaneous pronouncing  and beating with talam the special rhythmic syllables, which is traditionally used to accompany the dancers of Indian classical dance. In fact, nattuvanar is the one who sets the pace and rhythm for the orchestra and the dancer. Although it often happens that a dancer, communicating with him, can improvise directly in the dance on the stage and then nattuvanar and the whole orchestra would follow her.

The school is open to all without restrictions on age, gender, level of knowledge, for all who want to become a professional in Indian art or just  for themselves for their own joy. Lessons are held in Russian, Ukrainian and English by the choice of students.

Along with practice, the school is teaching the theory of Kuchipudi dance, built on the ancient treatise “Natya Shastra”, written in Sanskrit around 2nd century BC. This treatise includes a full knowledge of drama, dance, music, fine arts, architecture and psychology.

Aims of school

To provide knowledge in the theory and practice of classical Indian dance style of Kuchipudi, teaching techniques and nuances of this style, its history and its culture, and its inner state, laws by which the internal energy moves and the spiritual aspect of the dance.  This dance originated in ancient India, it was performed in the temples, it served as the worship and praise of God,  and also it carried knowledge to the masses  through dance-dramas who didnt know the Sanskrit.

Indian classical dance will develop the students creativity and helping him better understand himself, to control his mind, emotions and body, becoming confident in life. Kuchipudi fully develops the body, making it more flexible and graceful, it increases physical strength and endurance. It also well develops a sense of rhythm, because it uses a very complex rhythmic patterns, some of them very rare used in other dances of the world. In Indian dance works every muscle from head to toe, and even used eyes, eyebrows, neck, head, much emphasis is going to work of the fingers, with coordination with the whole body doe provides good coordination. and awareness of the whole body . Learning this style of dance requires a high concentration,, discipline of mind, effort and patience with yourself, but at the same time it brings great inner joy while dancing.

At the highest form of which dancer  allows the internal inner being “I” – the spirit manifestes in the spontaneous movement which has not limited by fixed form of thought.


Indian classical art of dance is based on three aspects:

– Nritta pure dance (dance without meanings), showing the aesthetic beauty of the dance by changing sculptural postures and different rhythmic patterns.

– Nritya dance that uses the pure dance and dance which cares the meaning of the poetry of the song (through hand gestures, facial expressions, body movement, music and lyrics).

– Natya dramatic aspect of the dance (which tells us the whole story through acting and choreography).

It uses mukya abhinaya (facial expressions), sarira abhinaya (expressions, borne of the body) and hasta abhinaya (which was described in an ancient manuscript “Natya Shastra”)


At “Laksmi Smarpana” school there is also a dance and theater company consisting of its students and invited artists, who perform at various festivals, concerts, master classes, lecture demonstrations, from the Embassy of India and other organizers, across Ukraine and other countries. A lot of graduates have left for other countries, where they continue to create and share their art of Indian dance to the world.

During the existence of the school two musical dance dramas based on the ancient epics “Devipurnama” and “Balakrishna” which has already has been staged during Curtain Raiser of the Yoga Day in May 2017 in the Ukrainian house and in the following programs! were staged, very soon is coming a new project – dance music video  “Ramayana”, which was already stage during which has already has been staged during Curtain Raiser of the Yoga Day in May 2017 in the Ukrainian house and in the following programs!

A lot of traditional and modern classical solo, collective dance numbers for Kuchipudi, fusions with Bharatnatyam and other styles of dance including the Ukrainian folk were delivered, and the productions of Elena Lakshmi’s best pupils in folk Indian dance and its stylizations were published!

Ramayana 2017



Balakrishna 2013

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Devipurnama 2006

Devipurnama 2012-44.JPG

Devipurnama 2012-36.JPG