Teachers of the school

establisher of the school and head teacher

Lenalaxmi Shatokhina

Lenalaxmi lived and studied in India for 14 years learning the secrets of Indian classical dance, music, visual arts, yoga, languages, culture and tradition of India.

-received a scholarship to study in India by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga.

-disciple of famous master style of Kuchipudi dance style in India padma bhushan Vempati Chinna Satyam and his son Vempati Ravi Shankar, from “Kuchipudi Academy” in Chennai, India : www.kuchipudi.com;

-student Bhagavatulu Sitaram Sharma vocal and natuvangamu at his school “Kalapitam” in Chennai;

– she had learnt Kangra and Rajastani miniature painting while staying in Daramshala at I.S.Y.P.School(1997); Hindustani vocal, Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dance in “P.K.Salve Academy of Fine Arts and Music”, Nagpur, India (1998).

-performer of Indian classical dance Kuchipudi in Style, teacher and choreographer, was awarded with the title of “Natya visarada” (which means skilful in dance from master Vempati Chinna Satyam on day of Lenalaxmi`s arangetrum); Studied under master for 12 years and with his blessing has opened a dance school in Kiev “Laxmi Samarapana” in 2006.

– she also ballet dancer, teacher and choreographer; graduated choreographic college “Kiyanochka” in Kiev, Ukraine. She danced in “Kiyanochka” since childhood. www.kievbalet.in.ua;

– Filmmaker, finieshed two years post graduation diploma course on direction from “LV Prasad Film and TV Academy,” Chennai, India: www.prasadacademy.com;

and her senior students

Elena Vilasini Gudz

Lenchik Born in 1982 in Kiev. Graduated from high school , Teachers’ College , Institute of Foreign Languages ​​. Has a degree in teaching . Worked for 10 years at the school. She is married and has a son.
Since 2006 , she has trained Kuchipudi under Lena Laxmi . Is her main assistant since 2008.Since 2001 engaged in Sahaja Yoga . Kundalini Awakening opened in her creativity and desire to dance .Stage name – Vilasini that in Sanskrit means cheerful .” Kuchipudi for me – it is a source of joy , from which you can not only get drunk myself, but to quench the thirst of others”

Maria Usoltzeva

Student of Lenalaxmi

Experience of teaching in Kuchipudi: since 2010

In 2012 graduated Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in special subject “cultural studies”

Hobbies: philosophy and history of India, Sanskrit, Sahaja yoga, hatha yoga CAS (correct approach to spine), music, tourism, diving.

In current time making a PhD research in the field of Indian history in A.Yu. Krymsky Institute of the Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Evgeniya Zlotnik

Engaged in Indian classical dance style of Kuchipudi since 2007, a student of Lena Laxmi.

Has experience teaching Indian dance to children and adults since 2010.

Permanent member of the collective “Lakshmi Samarpana.”

Received a master’s degree in marketing. Working as an English teacher for preschool and school age.

She is fond of the Indian culture and is engaged in Sahaja Yoga.